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Innovet Corporation has established business since 1992, We provide bio organic, organic acid, prebiotic and probiotic. We provide livestock production with high value in quality, safety, effectiveness, and service to our customer.

Innovet Corporation focus our business with the policy to preventative measure against diseases, and increase production performance for our customer. We provide vaccine, especially probiotic and especially organic product to replace antibiotic. We promote and support poultry and swine production by reducing antibiotic usage to prevent the contamination in meat and egg which will affect the consumer. All of our products are green and environmental friendly. 

Innovet Corporation has policy to promote and support technical knowledge to Veterinarian, Husbandry, Technical, and Farmer. We also a company with Corporate Responsibility to run our business with ethical value and highest standard in helping the environment. 


With Innovet’s determination and attention. Innovet is confident that we can best serve our customer who put their trust in our product with our best. We promise to retain the good standard, improve the service, and finding product that give customer and livestock industry the best benefit. 

Innovet would like this opportunity to THANK YOU everyone for supporting us since we established our business.



 1. Lohmann Animal Health International USA

    Poutlry Vaccine

 2. Special Nutrients Inc. USA

    Mycotoxin Binder

 3. Jefo Nutrition Canada

    Organic Acid and Growth Promoter

Interhygiene (Germany)


 4. KMP Biotech Co., Ltd. Thailand


 5. Mixwell Marketing Thailand


 6. Nisseiken Japan

    Swine Vaccine 

8. XVET GmbH / Germany

Essential Oil, Growth Promoter, Vitamin and Mineral